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Smart Electric Meters over a ZigBee network

Given the awareness about Renewable Energy, Energy Independence, Energy Neutrality and the like – it came as no surprise that when a little remote village in central India decided to get itself some electric power, it considered other options to just getting itself “on the Grid”.

Follows is a brief description of the favoured scenario:

  • Independent electrical network for the village – based on solar energy, biogas, and diesel iotschematicgenerators.
  • This choice of energy was because it was a sun-blessed agrarian village like everywhere in India.
  • Equipment and Operations would be on an Own or Lease model by individual villagers, as opposed to State ownership.
  • The Village Administration (called Panchayat in India) would also like some electrical power for consumption in street lights, community water well pumps, school building and panchayat building electrification, etc.
  • The Panchayat would need to pay the individual power generating individuals for the power supplied.
  • Therefore it is critical that their contribution to the village grid had to be metered and accounted for.

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