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Required – A blog writer for a Real Estate website

For our website that deals with Real Estate, we require a blog writer. The reason we have a blog is to create content that resonates with our website, thus directing visitors to our site. For this strategy to work, the key points to keep in mind while writing articles for the blog are – SEO, Relevant Topics of General Interest, and Content Quality.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a very important tool to drive visitors to our site. The blog article should have popular keywords to do with Real Estate. These are words that people will search for when using popular search engines like Google when looking for content. So for example, if you would like people searching for “Greater Chicago area properties” to see your content, then these words should be present in your article. The blog writer should also take advantage of the blog software features for SEO. For example, if you are using WordPress, it allows you to specify keyword “Tags”.

Relevant Topics of General Interest

The important words here are Relevant & Interest. You could write a great article on the mineral content of soil in the Greater Chicago area. That would be a scholarly and important article. And it would fit the mandate for SEO. But how many people would read it? On the other hand, given the election fever going around, a blog article on probable movements in property prices if Trump were to become President is likely to get more readers. Thus getting ranked higher in Search engine results, and sending more visitors to the website.

Content Quality

Once the topic is zeroed in on, a quality article must be delivered. Total objectivity is a goal to aspire to while writing your article – but only if you are writing for Wikipedia. A well researched and objective article is definitely what we are looking for, but with that touch of subjectivity. That whiff of fragrance, that dash of spice. We want you to give the blog article your own personal touch.

If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us with your sample work, and we’ll be happy to get you onboard.