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IoT and Commercial Real Estate

The focus of this article is on the management of CRE (commercial real estate) information, thus strengthening the relationship with customers and tenants.

The IoT is already having a significant impact on the CRE Industry. The focus of a real estate industry has always been cost reduction. The values that IoT aims to bring in are more efficient building operations, enhanced tenant relationships, and new revenue generation opportunities.  For e.g.consider the increasingly smart thermostats that adjust the temperature, humidity and light based on residents’ preferences and climatic conditions.

  1. IoT enabled (BMS) Building Management System to increase building performance efficiency and
  2. Sensor-generated data to enhance building user experience
  3. IoT-enabled technology to allow owners to have direct relationships with building users rather than just tenants

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IoT: A basic discussion

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of things. This is a technology which helps us to interact with things around us in several different ways. These things can be categorized as systems, static objects or machines. IoT is used for a wide variety of applications which varies from the M2M technology where in the communication is maintained between 2 machines only.

Smart meters, home router, TV, light control, A/C control etc are few applications of IoT. IoT has covered most the industries right from energy, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom and transportation.

3 Main aspects of IoT:

The three main aspects of IoT include connectivity, remote management and security. IoT applications bring in a large number of advantages but there are many security aspects which need to be taken care by the user of IoT enabled devices.

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